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Basic Policy of the SO-YOU Research Institute of Medicine

The SO-YOU Medical Foundation has been engaged in health examination services for more than 20 years. The main purpose of these health examinations is to prevent diseases or identify them in the early stages, with a view to reducing the number of people suffering from advanced diseases.

To the present, SO-YOU has conducted nearly 110,000 health examinations for companies, government offices, and school students and teaching staff. The amount of data accumulated through the process is huge and valuable. The analysis of such data may markedly contribute to the improvement of health examination services and preventive medicine-based welfare administration.

Furthermore, the techniques and ideas regarding health examinations we have developed are useful not only in Japan. We also support preventive medicine in developing countries, analyze and study the data obtained from examinations in cooperation with other countries, and apply outcomes on a worldwide basis, as we are convinced that this will contribute to resolving global health issues.